130 passengers stuck in an airplane in Yangon after SIA’s flight to S’pore was delayed by almost 5 hours


On Saturday (May 18), Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight was delayed for almost five hours in Yangon due to a technical problem with the emergency braking system.

A total of 130 passengers were aboard flight SQ995, Boeing B777, which was supposed to depart from the Burmese city to Singapore at 17.55 local time.

“The plane finally departed from Yangon at 2218 hours. With a delay of four hours and 43 minutes,” the SIA representative told Stomp in an intervie.

SQ995 arrived in Singapore at 2.46 am on May 19 after a three-hour flight.

Member Stomp Anonymous, the passenger of the flight, warned Stomp about the delay and said: “Engineers in Yangon kept in touch with their colleagues in Singapore. The pilot also announced that Thai Airways engineers are helping.
“During this time, flight attendants served snacks, scones and drinks. They did their best to serve the passengers, although dinner was served only after we took off.

“Having landed in Singapore at about 3 in the morning, the ground staff apologized to us and redirected those who missed connecting flights.
“Each passenger was also given an SIA inflatable travel pillow.”

An SIA representative added: “Apologies were expanded, and snacks were served on board the aircraft during the delay.

“Passengers who missed their connecting flights were helped to organize alternative flights and arrange trips.

“All injured passengers were also provided with a free SIA neck pillow upon arrival in Singapore as a sign of apology and goodwill.”

“Singapore Airlines apologizes for the inconvenience caused to all affected customers.”

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