Railroad Thailand – Cambodia opens again after 45 years.


Travel between the two capitals has become a reality thanks to the recent efforts of Thailand and Cambodia to restore their railway.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, on April 22, Thailand and Cambodia held a ceremony at the border guard post in Thailand to mark the opening of the railway line connecting the country to Poipet in Cambodia. The Prime Minister of Thailand and the Prime Minister of Cambodia attended. The first trip together in Poipet in the cabin of the train, presented by Thailand.

Last year, Cambodia also resumed the 370-kilometer stretch of railway between Poipet and Phnom Penham.

The plan to restore the lost railway was approved on a bilateral basis in 2015, and restoration efforts were completed recently, 45 years after the cessation of train traffic due to tensions between the two countries on border issues. While the infrastructure for the railway route is operational, regular maintenance will not actually begin until both parties can agree on a schedule, the Bangkok Post reports. This may take until the end of this year.
In addition to diplomatic implications, the railway can also provide economic benefits to both parties.
Thailand’s automotive, electrical and textile industries are facing rising labor costs that can be mitigated by moving labor-intensive operations to Cambodia. Previously, trucks were the only option for this, creating logistical problems for Thai firms. Tourist services in both countries can count on the growth of interest from travelers who also want to get acquainted with the new rail service.

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