A Bangkok resident found a giant lizard at home


The owner of the house in Suksawat 26 went inside, turned on the light and realized that his sofa was sleeping peacefully in a huge “lizard”. Her tail was hanging from the other end of the sofa, the reptile did not fit entirely on the black vinyl sofa.

The lizard, slightly irritated by the fact that she had been woken up, slipped off the couch and began to wander carelessly around the house. The owner first thought it was a crocodile, but he didn’t really want to get close enough to check it out.

The owner called in local volunteers who came to the house, freed him from the 2-meter reptile and took him to the nearest forest. Judging by the lizard’s behavior, she was dissatisfied that she had moved from her comfortable home to a wet forest.

Lizards are often associated with good luck in Thai culture and are very much appreciated by lottery players. However, you shouldn’t touch them or try to kick them out of the house by yourself. The bite of a ram bite is poisonous.

Tourists often stumble upon lizards near the Tan Bok Korani National Park in Krabi.

Source: The Thaiger. Translation: Anna Boyko.

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