A married couple from Pataya keeps a leopard at home


Journalists from 77kaded found out about the house on Jomtien in Pattaya, where the Taika and her foreign husband are holding a leopard

This week, the couple has had a lot of people’s attention this week. They kept such a dangerous pet in an ordinary apartment – one of the largest and strongest carnivorous mammals.

The most surprising thing is that the police said it was legal. The couple have two leopards, and one of them is being treated for the disease in Chiang Mai. Last week they moved to a rented house in Pattaya.

This leopard grew up with people from infancy. Now he is 4 years old. Animal rights activist Edwin Wick called the neighborhood potentially dangerous.

At the time of the investigation, the couple had been ordered to fill out animal documentation and settle in an office in Sri Rach, as well as to improve fence security in the area. But they were allowed to leave the leopard.

Yesterday, a gatekeeper who is looking after the house prevented reporters from entering the area. In addition, he did not say anything.

Eyewitnesses claim that there was a high fence around the house and that the man who owns the house was inside when the journalists photographed their house from outside.

Reporters did not leave the house for a long time, trying to photograph a big cat.

Source: The Thaiger. Translation: Anna Boyko.