A passenger in the Philippines was arrested for bomb jokes


On 3 November, a passenger on a Davao-Seba flight was arrested for joking about an alleged bomb in his possession

According to the Philippine Civil Aviation Authority Operations Center, a passenger named Ramon Barrios stated that he had a bomb.

The flight had to be delayed. Passengers were evacuated and cargo was unloaded for inspection. After a while, the plane did take off. But without Barrios.

He was arrested by the aviation security unit and handed over to the local police. The Philippine man faces either a fine of 40,000 PHP (almost 800 USD) or a sentence of 5 years or both.

The Philippines even has a special law for such cases. Presidential Decree No. 1727 on the “Dissemination of False Bomb Information”.

Source: Rappler. Translation: Nikita Grebennikov.