A plane for 73,000 USD was abandoned at Hanoi airport for 12 years


The Vietnamese Civil Aviation Authority managed to find an appraiser for the Boeing-727 aircraft, which had been empty at Hanoi airport for 12 years. The specialist estimated the aircraft at USD 73,000. This means that now it can be sold

Boeing-727 of Cambodian airline Royal Khmer Airlines landed at Neubai airport in 2007. At that time, the ship had technical problems and had to park in the Vietnamese harbor. Unfortunately, the company could not find the money to repair the ship. Later on, the company went bankrupt. Cambodian authorities removed the plane from their register and it was stuck in Vietnam for 12 long years.

According to local laws, the vessel was taken over by the Vietnamese Civil Aviation Authority (CAAV). It was expensive to fix. And it was only possible to sell it after the assessment. But the evaluators were hindered by the lack of documentation for the plane. In addition, this model has long been outdated, as it was difficult to compare it with any actual model for a rough estimation at that time.

Before the appraiser was found, however, the aviation authorities were asked to sell the aircraft several times. In particular, TiffSon has found partners willing to open a restaurant on an abandoned ship. In exchange for the plane, they offered CAAV alcohol and confectionery worth $129,000.

Another interesting proposal was made by a local organization that cares for pensioners and war veterans. Many of them would like to travel by plane, but cannot do so for health reasons. The workers of the organization offered to give the ship to them to make elderly Vietnamese feel what it’s like to fly a plane. In exchange for Boeing-727, the office was offered three nursing packages.

However, the director general of the department, Dinh Viet Thang, declined these proposals. The agency believed that there was no legal basis for such a deal.

“The plane will be disposed of in accordance with the law.

CAAV suggest handing over the aircraft to the Vietnam Airport Corporation, which spent 800,000 USD on the maintenance of the vessel in Neubai. We can say that the agency “bought” the plane with this amount.

Source: VnExpress. Translation: Nikita Grebennikov.