Air rails of the future in Henan, China


Underground or surface railways are the backbone of major cities in the world. But, air trains are a separate song. Hopefully, in the future, air trains will become ordinary public transport. 😀
BCAR, having registered 200 national patents, began to test its invention. It was expected that air cars would only accelerate to 50 km / h, but to the surprise and joy of the team, the cars recorded speeds of up to 80 km / h.

In the future, the air railway will reduce the load on the metro in large metropolitan areas, as they promise that the road will be able to carry 10,000 passengers per hour!
The biggest disadvantage of the traditional metro is that it requires huge costs for digging tunnels. The railway does not require digging or tunnels – it is completely independent of the urban landscape.

Many experts consider air cars as the transport system of the future. Tourist cities are also interested in the road, because if the glass windows are installed in the cars, tourists will enjoy the delightful scenery.

Our team already likes this idea and we are glad that such interesting experiments are being conducted in Henan!

Subways of the future may look like this experimental line in Kaifeng, Henan province.

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