Apple MacBook Pro banned in Vietnamese aircraft


The Vietnamese Civil Aviation Administration (CAAV) banned Apple’s MacBook Pro 2015-2017 notebooks from being carried on aircraft due to the threat of explosions

In its application, the agency refers to the order of the American Consumer Product Safety Commission. The document talks about the risk of battery ignition in older Apple MacBook Pro models.

In early summer, the technology giant began to withdraw them from the market. And to all who have already bought macbucks, offered to replace the batteries free of charge. Their overheating since the release of the laptop complained about at least 26 customers. In one of the cases it was reported that smoke came from the computer. Five more customers complained about burns and 17 about damage to nearby items.

In early August, the U.S. Federal Civil Aviation Administration banned these devices from being carried on board U.S. aircraft. And in both hand luggage and luggage. Unless, of course, the passenger proves that he has replaced the battery, and his laptop is safe. How long the ban will last, the agency did not specify.

CAAV in prohibitions appeared not so categorically. The computer can be taken on board provided that it remains off for the duration of the flight.

In February, the U.S. aviation authorities assigned Vietnam a CAT-1 rating. This means that the aviation standards in the country comply with international standards. Thanks to this, Vietnam Airlines was able to conclude an agreement with the U.S. carrier to create flights between Vietnam and the United States.

Source: VnExpress. Translation: Nikita Grebennikov.

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