Author: Maria


That is how Vietnamese drivers really look.

Not long time ago we posted an article with illustrations of Vietnamese drivres, but we also think that pictures will be able to help you learn Vietnamese people better. The photographer captured the carrier drivers in Hanoi carrying impressive loads on the back of their mopeds. like couriers in the capital of Vietnam skillfully load […]


Photos of Japanese cuisine.

What unites the East and Italy? Of course, the kitchen! In Japan, as a rule, there is everything you need for markets and shopping centers. Each seller tries to emphasize the diversity and characteristics of their product. In Japan, very interesting and curious. We offer you a selection of interesting photos with benches in Japan. […]


10 facts about using smartphones in Japan

Is the Japanese culture of smartphones really that different from other countries? Tourists have already noticed this … Life has really changed since we all moved from being smart to smartphones. Now we all have tiny computers in our pockets that we can use to stay in touch (and watch funny videos with cats). But […]


Family business turned upside down!

This is a difficult feat, which took over the family business. But this is exactly what Morgan and his two younger brothers did in 2014. “We promised our father that we would continue his legacy, and renamed the company a tribute to him, even without completely understanding what the essence was.” – said Morgan Today, […]


Maestro Ozawa and passionate “Carmen”

Seiji Ozawa, a Japanese conductor, was at the helm of some of the world’s leading music institutions, including the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna State Opera. But even at the age of 83, he still finds time to train young talents who will support music for many decades. “I can’t wait to start conducting!” […]


Meet Vietnam’s Adorable Moon Bears.

It’s easy to see how the moon bear has won the hearts of so many: They’re playful, adorable and, with a distinctive splash of white on their chests, certainly eye-catching. Here’s a look at the Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary in Vietnam, where the team from Animals Asia is working to improve the lives of these […]