Author: Maria


Netflix bought the rights to the Vietnamese show

Vietnamese TV series “Hau Due Mat Troi” (Descendants of Sunny Vietnam) will be broadcasted on Netflix from September 1 Negotiations between Netflix and the producer of the BHD series began in 2018. The deal was completed in June this year. The “Descendants of Sunny Vietnam” is a remake of the South Korean series of the […]


Bangkok was ranked 47th on the list of safe cities

The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a survey of residents of 60 cities around the world based on 57 indicators, including infrastructure safety, personal safety and health care Bangkok scored 57.6 points compared to 92 points in Tokyo and 91.5 points in Singapore. It is in line with Ho Chi Minh City, but Thailand’s capital city […]


In Thailand, all cigarettes will be sold in the same packs

The Southeast Asian Tobacco Control Alliance recommended that Thailand become the first country in Asia to introduce standardized tobacco packaging Tobacco companies that have expressed their willingness to comply with the new requirements of the Kingdom’s legislation have begun to comply with the Thailand Standardised Packaging Regulations two weeks before the deadline. Starting September 12, […]


Over the past six months, several rare calves have been born in the Mango Garden Zoo in Dongnai In particular, 13 Bengali tigers – eight white and five yellow – were seen in Mango Garden. The oldest of them was over five months old. The youngest was less than a month old. Three months ago, […]