Author: Maria


Wano Akari 2019

Japan has many unique traditions, festivals and arts, among which is the art of creating luminous objects such as flashlights. Good examples of such art are the huge compositions of lanterns at the Kanto Matsuri Festival in Akita, as well as the giant glowing platforms of the Nabuta Matsuri Festival in Aomori. This year’s exhibition […]


Apple MacBook Pro banned in Vietnamese aircraft

The Vietnamese Civil Aviation Administration (CAAV) banned Apple’s MacBook Pro 2015-2017 notebooks from being carried on aircraft due to the threat of explosions In its application, the agency refers to the order of the American Consumer Product Safety Commission. The document talks about the risk of battery ignition in older Apple MacBook Pro models. In […]


The U.S. promises $50 million to victims of Agent Orange

The United States Government is going to provide financial assistance to people affected by Agent Orange during the Vietnam War At a workshop organized by the Vietnamese Committee for the Elimination of Explosive Ordnance and Chemical Pollution (Office 701), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced that it would spend $50 million to this […]


Comfortable airplane seats are created

Engineers of the American company Molon Labe Seating presented a new concept of airplane seats, which will be appreciated by many travelers. Sometimes the flight is overshadowed by a flight that is not delayed and not tasty food, but an uncomfortable chair and neighbor. We seem to have found a way to fix this,” the […]