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9 reasons why traveling makes us happier

What comes to mind first when you say the word “journey”? Buying profitable plane tickets? Unforgettable sunsets? Mountain crossings with heavy backpacks? Any trip can be exciting, exciting and rich in adventure – and this is much more than just sipping “Margarita” on the sunlit beach. We think that everyone associates travels with something pleasant, […]


Philippines wants to develop tourism on a disputed island

The Philippines is considering inviting tourists to its largest and most strategic outpost in the South China Sea as part of its efforts to assert its sovereignty rights over some of the most disputed islands The island of Titu in the Spratley archipelago is claimed by China and Vietnam in addition to the Philippines. “We […]


There are too few tourists in Pattaya

Of course, no one’s saying that all the tourists have gone missing from the city. But it’s not like last year’s Buddhist holiday, which was reported in many media. Pongsak Wapongkarun suggested why no noisy tourists were seen anywhere: “It seems they have gone to temples and places where religious festivals take place. The beaches […]


Cashless and cardless payment

In the summer of 2016 in Japan, they began to test a new system of payment for goods and services for foreigners. They promised that tourists would be able to pay in hotels, restaurants and shops, just putting their fingers to the reader. Also, guests of the country will not need documents, as prints can […]


Storm Mun hit Vietnam

Long rain storms caused by a tropical storm led to traffic jams on many streets in Hanoi Storm Moon weakened after the collapse to the north of Vietnam. However, it caused heavy rains throughout the region from the middle of the week. In Hanoi, there are 5.2 million motorcycles and about 550,000 cars, as well […]


Tropical storm moon heading north for Vietnam

The storm, which broke out during a tropical depression on Tuesday evening, moves to northern Vietnam with a wind speed of 75 km / h According to the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, the Moon storm will hit the Gulf of Tonkin, including the tourist islands of Bach Long Vi, Co To and Cat Hai, […]