Baguio made the longest chain of sausages in the Philippines


About 1,350 culinary students formed a 7.8-kilometer chain of pork sausages with garlic “longganisa” on Sunday as part of the annual weekend celebration in hotel and restaurant tourism

Encouraged by residents and visitors, students started unleashing small sausages produced by the Alabanza family at 9am on Session Road.

Eight workers spent 10 weeks producing sausages, hoping to break the record of 7.3 km set in 2010 when the Alabanza family held its second longest parade of longganisa for the Baguio Hotels and Restaurants Association.

They first produced a 3-kilometre chain of longganisa in 2006.

The day before the Longanis parade, the Baguio Meat Suppliers Association held a food flavour event in the public market to stimulate pork consumption and dispel fears of African swine fever, which now affects several pig farms in Luzon.

Deputy Executive Secretary Alberto Bernardo, a guest of the event, said that food is “an expression of our cultural identity” and part of the government’s concept of tourism. The event was a private sector initiative designed to attract tourists.

According to Bernardo, Baguio is associated with longganisa in the same way as Ilokos with “pinakbet”, Bacolod with “inasal” and Cordillera with “pinikpikan” chicken soup.

According to Bernardo, the local food industry must “sharpen its competitive skills towards quality tourism”.

Vonda Alabanza, who runs the family business, said students from five cooking schools brought a total of 3,633 kilograms of sausages.

The chain consisted of 11,910 dozen sausages, which were later sold to visitors on holidays for 70 pesos a dozen.

Source: Inquirer.