Calorie pomelo


How many calories in pomelo?

Pomelo is an exotic fruit , although recently it is not difficult to find it in domestic supermarkets.
China is considered the birthplace of this large citrus fruit.
By the way, this fruit there since ancient times is recognized as a symbol of prosperity and health. And not by chance: pomelo has a rich composition.

Some mistakenly believe that pomelo is one of the grapefruit varieties. However, if you establish a relationship between these fruits, it turns out that just the same grapefruit – a descendant of pomelo.
The taste of the pulp of the pomelo is sweet-sour, almost without bitterness, unlike grapefruit.
The flesh itself is tight, thicker, drier than other citrus fruits. The calorie content of the pomelo is small, since it contains no fats and very few sugars – only 34 kcal per 100 g of flesh.

Calorie pomelo – 34 kcal
Protein: 0, 6 g
Fat: 0, 2 g
Carbohydrates: 6, 7 g

Useful properties of pomelo

In pomelo, a high content of vitamins A and C. Fruit favors the work of the digestive tract, and the lipolytic enzyme, which is included in its composition, accelerates the splitting of food molecules.
What else is so useful a pomelo, for which he is adored by the Chinese?

In addition to vitamins, the fruit contains large quantities of important macro- and microelements: potassium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, calcium. It also contains a lot of essential oils, which makes the fruit extremely useful for any colds.
It will also be useful to those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases or from high blood pressure.
Also, sweet and sour fruit pulp relieves asthma, cures for atherosclerosis.
A large number of antioxidants that are part of the fruit, prevents the risk of malignant tumors.

How many calories in pomelo?
Fruit has not only low calorie content, but also the ability to dull the feeling of hunger, breaks down proteins and fats, facilitates digestion. That is why it is recommended to include in the diet.

In general, it is eaten fresh. The fruit is peeled just like an orange or grapefruit. The flesh can be added to fruit salads (with strawberries, apples, peaches, kiwi, bananas), and can be combined with meat (mostly chicken), to which it will give freshness.
Peeled films, slices of flesh well complement the natural milk ice cream and other dietary desserts.

Pomelo juice
From pomelo it turns out very useful juice: it is refreshing, pleasant to the taste, and also full of useful substances. Start the day with the juice of 1 pomelo, and you will forget what a cold.
Pomelo tastes very well with seafood.

Salad with pomelo
You can try making Thai salad with smoked salmon.
To prepare such a salad, you will need pomelo (2 pcs.), Fish sauce, basil, smoked salmon fillets, shallots, cilantro, vegetable oil, peanuts.
All you need to finely chop and mix, watering the salad dressing.

From the pomelo, marmalade is prepared, they are filled with pies, cakes, and they are made from it sauces for meat and poultry. In order not to get confused in the caloric content of all these dishes, use the table of caloric content of food products, common in our country.


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