Cashless and cardless payment


In the summer of 2016 in Japan, they began to test a new system of payment for goods and services for foreigners.
They promised that tourists would be able to pay in hotels, restaurants and shops, just putting their fingers to the reader.
Also, guests of the country will not need documents, as prints can be used when checking in at the hotel instead of a passport – this is a faster and safer way than the traditional one.
In this way, the Japanese authorities want to speed up and simplify the process of payment and currency exchange for tourists – a year later, the country will face a large influx of guests at the Summer Olympics, which will be held in Tokyo. Already very soon, the “fingerprint payment system” should work all over Japan.

Sign up in the system – to be fingerprinted and tied to a bank card account – can be directly on arrival at the airport or other public places accessible to tourists. We tested the system at 300 sites – in souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels and other establishments that are popular with tourists, and now the system is already operating in thousands of locations.

Probably, not all foreigners will want to be fingerprinted, but the Japanese authorities intend to popularize the new system for the time remaining before the Olympics.

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