Destruction of walls on Phuket Beach can lead to environmental problems


One of the Internet users posted information on his Facebook page about a failed attempt to build a protective wall on Surin beach in Phuket

“Found this on Surin Beach. What are these bags for? Is this garbage?

You can’t stop nature with sandbags. If you want to make a breakwater, you should use something more reliable.

The relevant departments should be held responsible for this.

More than 50 users left comments under the message. Most of them described the poor condition of Surin beach.

Until 2016, the beach was full of cafes, bars and even well-known beach clubs. Authorities promised to return Surin Beach to its original state. Previously, this beach was a favorite of locals, even visited by His Majesty King Bhumibol in March 1959.

Since then, the authorities have announced several times their plans to restore the beach. In addition, several fundraising events were organized to restore the beach’s ecosystem. The plan was to convert it into a park in honor of the late king. But at the moment there are only concrete building structures and half-destroyed bases of restaurants. And it’s hard to believe that recently it was one of the most popular beaches in Phuket.

Source: The Thaiger.


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