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Dinosaur footprints found in Thailand


Traces of dinosaurs that inhabited northeastern Thailand about 140 million years ago were discovered in the northeast.

It is believed that about a dozen traces belong to theropod dinosaurs that existed on Earth in the Cretaceous period. The approximate age of the find is from 146 to 65 million years.

The Thai press reports that footprints were found in stone at Phu Lek National Park in the Kuod Bak area in the northeastern province of Thailand, Sahon Nakhon.

The head of the park, Mr. Rangsan Laopa, said that dinosaur footprints were discovered during a field survey of the territory south of Phu Tarn-Luang monastery, in Ban Kud Het, in Mud Bak district, a group of geologists and local offices. The event happened earlier this week.

Traces were found in two places in sandstone. The team photographed the traces for closer scrutiny to make sure they belong to carnivorous theropods.

On Earth, there were previously many varieties of theropods. Their sizes varied from chicken to elephant, and they were all carnivorous. Among them was also a velociraptor, which became famous thanks to the films of the Jurassic Park series.

A fossil expert, Dr. Varawut Sutehorn, says the finding is important because previously similar traces have already been found in Kalasin, another northeastern province.

Source: The Thaiger
Translation: Anna Boyko