Immigration reported optimizing the TM30 online registration process


Thai immigration officials reported that improvements to the TM30 online systems will help reduce immigrant waiting times

They will be able to get login and password faster. Without this data, candidates cannot enter their data and cannot submit a TM30 form.

Thanks to the new way the platform works, it only takes a week to get a username and password. Delays are most often caused by foreigners making mistakes in filling in the data.

Officials complain that there are cases when foreigners send selfies or photos with their spouse instead of documents.

The Bureau of Immigration is struggling to cope with the 35 million visitors who visit the country each year, as well as with the millions of migrant workers from neighbouring countries and a significant expatriate community.

Even the BBC intervened in TM30’s saga earlier this week, reporting problems faced by an American teacher fined after her landlord failed to report her stay to the bureau.

The TM30 system was also shown in the Nikkei Asia survey. Journalists believe that the TM30 uniform restricts freedom of movement. The material called it “draconian” and “a relic of the Cold War”.

Source: The Thaiger.