In Bangkok, a historic building was demolished to build a shopping mall


The almost 100-year-old complex was sold and dismantled. This place will be used for the construction of a shopping center

A plot of land of 43,922 square meters built in 1921 contained the residence of the British Ambassador, two monuments, offices, staff accommodation, tennis courts, a swimming pool, gardens and a private pond.

The British Foreign Office sold the property in 2018 for about USD 570 million, making it the largest land sale in the history of the BMID. A joint venture between Hongkong Land, Central Group and the Thai family real estate conglomerate, Hongkong Land, has purchased land and plans to build a shopping mall there.

The proceeds of the sale will be used to upgrade 40 BMID facilities around the world. The British government has proposed that the embassy move to a more modern structure for efficient operation. Currently, the Ministry will occupy several floors of the new building in another part of the city.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was Foreign Minister at the time of the sale, explained to the newspaper: “Britain is a leading player on the world stage, and I am determined to make sure that our diplomats have all the tools they need to work more effectively. They need to work in modern, safe, usable premises, not only in Bangkok but around the world.

However, network users did not appreciate the fact that it was sold. Many have said the following: “The British are moving the embassy from the historic centre to an unknown office building. Sadly, it will accurately reflect Britain’s place in the world after Brexit. Others said, “Shopping malls have made the world a much better place than any British embassy.

Several exhibits were saved at the site of the dismantling, including a monument to warriors killed in World War I and a monument to Queen Victoria. The embassy announced in a recent Facebook post that the original residence will also be rebuilt and will be open to the public.

Source: Saigoneer. Translation: Anna Boyko.

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