In Hanoi, offering to publicly disgrace people throwing garbage


The Hanoi City Ecological Company (URENCO) proposed to publish photos of people throwing garbage in the old quarter of the city and around Hoan Kiem Lake

In May, URENCO, together with the city authorities, installed surveillance cameras in these areas. Thanks to them, it was possible to bring to justice 26 people throwing garbage.

They were all waiting for fines of nearly 40 million VND (1 700 USD).

This is only a pilot program. But, according to the URENCO, it already brings great benefits. The truth is still a few problems. Firstly, – often garbage disposal occurs so quickly that the cameras do not have time to fix the violators. Secondly, there are many foreigners and tourists from other provinces among them. That is why they often have “problems” with the payment of fines.

The company offers local authorities to install more cameras in the city.

And at the entrance to the pedestrian zone – a board with photos of people throwing garbage.

The authorities have promised to consider the proposal of environmentalists in an emergency. In the meantime, they are quite satisfied with the work of the existing system, – over the past month, public awareness of the dangers of garbage has greatly increased.

A year ago, a similar idea was expressed in Ho Chi Minh City. So the environmental departments of the southern metropolis wanted to deal with those who cope with a small need in the wrong places.

Source: DTInews
Translation: Nikita Grebennikov

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