In Thailand, a man was stung by a scorpion hiding in a fruit bag


A man from Bangkok turned to social media to warn fruit lovers to check fruit carefully before eating it after being stung by a little scorpion hiding in a bag of langsates

Pennung Chaiyachit says he stuck his hand in a bag that contained about 2 kg of fruit. Then he felt a sharp pain, as if he had cut his thumb.

Mr. Pennung washed his finger and poured some alcohol on it, but despite the absence of visible wounds or bleeding, the pain began to intensify and he decided to go to the hospital.

Waiting for the doctor, Mr. Pennung read on the internet about a breed of tiny scorpions that can live on lang-sat fruits. Their poison is considered to be extremely strong.

As a precautionary measure, the doctor decided to leave Mr. Pennung overnight in hospital, giving him antibiotics and painkillers.

Mr. Pennung documented his experience on Facebook as a warning to others, advising them to always check fruit packets thoroughly and always wash the fruit before cleaning.

Source: The Thaiger.