Nha Trang fights the self-proclaimed hotels


Statistics from the National Tourism Administration of Vietnam show that Khanh Hoa Province has many self-proclaimed hotels

Such three-four-star hotels have no more than 65 rooms and scarce furniture. Many do not even have staff and other services.

Nguyen Thi Mai, a Hue tourist, said she decided to book a room at a three-star hotel after watching an online ad and a discount program.

“The room had enough room for a bed, wardrobe and toilet. We had breakfast in the wardrobe,” she said.

Some rooms are advertised as five-star, but the services they provide are extremely limited. Prices for these rooms range from 800,000 to 34 million VND, but at a discount you can book a room worth up to 450,000 VND.

Le Van Son, vice president of the Nha Trang and Khanh Hoa Tourism Association, said that impostor hotels have had a strong impact on the tourism sector.

Even locals advertise their homes online as 4-5-star rooms. Many unscrupulous Chinese and South Korean businessmen provide poor quality services.

Khanh Hoa Finance Ministry said it fined the owner of a three-star hotel on Tran Phu Street for setting excessive room rates.

Officials fined the hotel owner for complaining about small rooms, advertising exchanges and improper surcharges. Tourists provided hotel bills and accommodation documents as evidence. In other cases, it was more difficult to prove that businessmen were doing business in bad faith.

As of June, 773 hotels had been opened in Khan Hoa, with a total of 42,275 rooms. These include 26 five-star hotels, 23 four-star hotels and 37 three-star hotels.

In order to obtain the desired stars, hotels must meet the requirements of location, architecture, equipment, quality of service, staff, safety and food hygiene, and other criteria.

Nguyen Thi Le Than, deputy director of the Tourism Department, said that owners of self-proclaimed hotels and those who place false advertisements could be fined between 50 million ($2,100,000) and 70 million VND.

Previously, provincial authorities had compiled a list of hotels that officials said were unsafe to stay at.

Source: Vietnam.net. Translation: Anna Boyko.


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