Thailand became the world’s largest rubber exporter

The Department for Trade Development reported that Thailand is the world’s largest rubber exporter, partly because of free trade agreements with many countries over the past year Auramon Saptwiteham, CEO of VTR, said she is monitoring rubber exports to Thailand. In 2018, Thailand exported more than USD 4.6 billion worth of rubber, representing 1.82% of […]


The Terracotta Army will be shown in Bangkok

Famous Chinese terracotta warriors will amaze Bangkok at the exhibition at the National Museum of the city, which will be held from Sunday to December 15 2,700-year-old works of art are on display in the Sivamokhafiman Hall at the exhibition entitled “Qin Shi Huang: China’s first emperor and terracotta warriors”. The exhibition includes more than […]


Nha Trang fights the self-proclaimed hotels

Statistics from the National Tourism Administration of Vietnam show that Khanh Hoa Province has many self-proclaimed hotels Such three-four-star hotels have no more than 65 rooms and scarce furniture. Many do not even have staff and other services. Nguyen Thi Mai, a Hue tourist, said she decided to book a room at a three-star hotel […]