Sport during the holidays


We all know that you can travel not only in picturesque landscapes, local and religious, but also in unforgettable memories, travels that can occur at any time. Emotions in traveling are an indispensable part of our life.

The Marriott International Hotel is already creating such memories for family learners in China. With the help of Mariot Bonway’s plan: young guests can experience their inner world in a creative and engaging way.

The master class that debuted earlier this month would be one of the most sought after. It took place at the Mariott Sanya Dadonghai Bay Hotel in Hainan Province. It is constantly attended by former national table tennis player Wang and Han Ping Pong Hut, an organization that encourages interest in the sport.
Together with this organization, founded in 2016, Mariot Bonvoy is launching a series of family activities. They combine travel and sports with an emphasis on table tennis, sports culture and new, exclusive experiences.

More and more families in China are enjoying learning new things, and so master classes allow families in China to combine holidays with sports.
In the near future, the company promises to conduct master classes with the participation of superstars of sports, cuisine, entertainment and lifestyle.

Our team believes that there is a place for sport everywhere, and by combining family holidays with sports, people will be able to get even closer together!


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