Thai Court Approves Death Penalty for Tourist Murder


The Supreme Court of Thailand upheld the death sentence of two Myanmar citizens accused of killing a British couple

The incident occurred in 2014 on the island of Tao. Then the police found the bodies of two British men and young girls. As the expertise has shown, they were killed with the help of a garden puller. And the woman was raped before the murder.

A few hours later, law enforcement officers detained two Myanmar citizens. They confessed to the murder when they were arrested. But already in court they refused to testify, saying that they were forced to confess by the police.

The court of first instance sentenced the guest workers to death. The process caused an international scandal. The defense criticized the investigation of DNA collection. And in Myanmar, mass protests began near the Thai embassy. An angry mob even attacked the Thai diplomatic mission.

However, the Thai Court of Appeals upheld the decision. And this is despite the fact that the defense provided the results of the expertise of independent experts. The convicts had one last chance – the Supreme Court of Thailand. But he also left the decision of the court of first instance unchanged. And now it is not subject to appeal.

Last year, Thailand sentenced a person to death for the first time since 2009. This is a major achievement. Especially compared to some of the Kingdom’s neighbours. Over the past 15 years, death sentences have been commuted more frequently to life sentences. Journalist The Thaiger is confident that the execution will not end in this case.

Source: The Thaiger.