Thai pastry shop started using banana leaves instead of plastic


The famous confectionery shop Rabbit Mafia Cake and Coffee in Rayong joins the green trend, now they will serve their masterpieces on banana leaves instead of plastic.

Pattanari Tanjitueabun, owner of Rabbit Mafia, said she opened the shop 10 years ago after graduating from Bangkok University, adding that she named the business after a nickname she was given at the university.

She joined the movement to reduce plastic pollution. There are a lot of banana trees in her backyard, and Pattanari decided to start using banana leaves and sell her delicacies as “green cakes”. She said she might have to buy banana leaves in the future, but plastic also costs money.

As for the customers, they are delighted with the banana packaging, saying that it is not only environmentally friendly, but also interesting. Banana leaf also adds a unique Thai flavor to Western dessert. The owner also said that most of her customers want her to continue to use banana leaves and encourage other confectioners to do the same.

Rabbit Mafia Cake and Coffee is located in the Rayong Ban Hi district.

Earlier, the same idea came to Vietnam. However, not small coffee houses, but large retail chains.

Source: Nation Thailand.

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