Thailand will introduce compulsory travel insurance


By the end of this year, Thailand plans to oblige tourists to take out insurance during their stay in the country.

Travelers who want to cross the state border without an insurance policy will be forced to pay a mandatory contribution to a special fund. All funds from it will go to the treatment or repatriation of foreigners, according to local media.

Insurance will be issued at the passport control at the airport. In the event of death under this policy, relatives will be entitled to payments in the amount of one million THB (about two million RUB). Start of the project is scheduled for December 2019. The first province, where the compulsory travel insurance starts, will be Nakhon Nayok. This resort is engaged in a variety of extreme sports, including climbing and rafting.

Thailand is considered not only one of the most popular resorts among Russians, but also the most dangerous: in 2018 13 of our compatriots died there.

This year the sad statistics continues. In June in Pattaya, a Russian woman killed a motorcycle to death. In May, her compatriot drowned on Samui.

“Thailand is a rather specific country for the Russians, so many insurance claims occur there. Prices for medical services for foreigners are much higher than for local ones. Plus, one should take into account that many tourists come to the country for a long time and buy a policy not for the entire duration of the trip or purchase insurance with limited coverage. As a result, the insurance company often refuses to pay money for medical services. Mandatory policy will solve these problems, ”said Gayane Kalendjyan, a personal insurance specialist.

Source: 360. Author: Anastasia Zabelina.

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