Thailand’s first sound films showed the public


It is believed that four films shot almost 100 years ago are the first sound films to be recorded in Thailand. The films were screened at the Thai Film Festival last Monday

Film historian Dom Sukhavong opened films in 2018 at the University of South Carolina. The House is the founder of the Thai Film Archive, which received high quality copies of the films in July. All the videos were shot by Fox Movietone in 1930.

One film tells the story of a traditional Thai band, while the other features a three-person band performing a funny dance to Western music. The third film is dedicated to a puppet show performed for Queen Rambay Barney, wife of Rama VII. The fourth video shows several scenes – the monks’ singing, a child’s bathing in a metal bowl and a scene in which a Navy officer talks to a girl.

It’s gonna take a little more than half an hour to watch four movies.

Deputy Director of the Thai Film Archive Kong Ritdia, who is also a respected film critic, notes that clips are very traditional. The only difference is that the third film is closer to European culture. The film shows not only the puppet show, but also the way the audience looks at the camera with curiosity.

Source: The Thaiger


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