The air of the leaving era.


Just a few days before the new emperor’s coronation takes place in Japan.

On Monday, a tin can filled with Heisei’s air — the motto of the current emperor Akihito’s 30-year rule — was embroidered on the counter at a price of 1080 yen (US $ 13.10), which allows us to hopefully sell as many as 1000 pieces.
“We will hope that people will enjoy the fresh air in Heisei after the advent of a new era or simply keep it as a souvenir,” said the president of the company in an interview.

Jars were produced in the central Japanese village of Enari, which was written using the same symbols as for Heisei, he said, adding that banks can be bought at a roadside station in the village and on the Internet.

They contain only the “air of the present epoch” and a five-yen coin, which is often considered a happy talisman.

Japanese firms are struggling to create memorabilia of the passing epoch before the country enters the “Reiva” era on May 1, when the new emperor Naruhito regains the throne of Chrysanthemum.
Oval gold coins engraved with Heisei are sold as hot cakes in the bakery, while confectioners sell blockbuster sweets popular in the Heisei era.

Enterprises aiming at a new era are also gaining momentum, releasing products with the Reiwa brand, such as stickers, cases for smartphones, t-shirts, pins, and memorable bottles of Japanese sake.

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