The beaches of Pattaya are planned to be equipped with underground public toilets


Pattaya officials are planning to build new underground bathrooms on the beaches of Pattaya and Jomtien as part of a larger project to modernize urban infrastructure. This information was made public by representatives of the Pattaya City Administration

Deputy Mayor of Pattana Bunsawad stated that the initial plans include the construction of 4 underground toilets along Pattaya Beach Road, as well as the opening of additional toilets on the beaches of Dongtan and Jomtien.

Such plans have arisen because Thai law prohibits the construction of toilets on the beaches. The Deputy Mayor called such facilities on the beaches in Vietnam a successful way out of the disputed situation.

Modern toilets will be equipped with ramps, which can be used by disabled people. In addition, there will be installed rooms for smokers. It will allow to clear beaches from undesirable garbage. Bunsavad said that the mayor’s office is currently exploring promising areas where such facilities can be located.

The Deputy Mayor said that work is also under way to lay a new pipeline under the South Pattaya-Pratamnak road, restore a pedestrian walkway in front of the King Rama IX monument and improve the landscape and tourist recreation areas on Jomtien beach.

These works have already been approved by the Pattaya Executive Council.

The toilet project is in the planning stage and will probably take some time before it is implemented. So far, more detailed information about the cost of the project, and the further infrastructure is not reported.

Source: The Pattaya News.