The big bridge in the Mekong Delta has opened


On Sunday, the Vam Cong bridge opened across the Bassac River. Its construction went six years.

The cable bridge Vam Cong has 6 lanes and connects the city of Can Tho with the province of Dong Thap. Previously, this was the same name ferry station.

Construction cost 270 million USD. In September 2013, the Korean company GS E & C. started it in 2017. In 2017, the bridge was already opened to traffic. But due to the poor quality of welding and residual stresses in one of the beams a gap of 2 m long and 4 cm wide was formed. Then the Korean company announced financial difficulties due to the fact that the Vietnamese side did not return insurance payments to it.

The repair was carried out only in December last year. According to the company for investment, development and management of infrastructure facilities Cuu Long, it was conducted with the help of Korean specialists. To assess the quality of work hired professionals from the Institute of Transport Sciences and Technology.

It is expected that the opening of the bridge will help cope with traffic jams. They are often formed here on holidays, when the inhabitants of Ho Chi Minh return to work from the Mekong Delta.

The Vam Cong bridge looks like the Nhat Tan Bridge in the Vietnamese capital. You can read about it in the article about 7 main bridges of Hanoi.

Source: VnExpress
Translation: Nikita Grebennikov