The jewels of the wife of the former Filipino dictator put up for auction


Items valued at USD 19 million were withdrawn from Mrs. Marcos in 2015. Indian diamonds, Burmese rubies and Colombian emeralds will be put up for auction.

The seized jewelry of the Marcos family is estimated at millions of dollars. Among them was found a rare pink diamond weighing 25 carats.

President Rodrigo Duterte officially approved the sale of three sets of jewelry. The last three years they were kept in the central bank of the Philippines.

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialde told reporters that the state anti-corruption agency and the Presidential Commission for the Proper Execution of Court Decisions (PCGG) have already been informed of the upcoming sale.

This news reassured critics, who noted that Duerte is providing open support to the Marcos family. In November 2016, he authorized the funeral of Ferdinand Marcos, who died in exile in Hawaii in 1989.

In addition to the rare diamond, whose value is estimated at about 5 million USD, a tiara, which once belonged to the Russian empress, will also be sold. Also at the auction will be sold personal items of the Marcos family, including bonds, certificates, gold bars and weapons.

Before agreeing to bid, Duterte stressed that all proceeds from the sale of items should go to the benefit of the public. According to him, any request to stop the auction of jewelry will be ignored.

“We believe that the proceeds should be sent to those Filipinos who urgently need government assistance,” said Panelo, adding that family members of Marcos will be allowed to participate in the auction.

However, Antonio Ligon, a professor of law and business at the Université de la Salle in Manila, said he was confident that “guidelines” would be developed to ensure that the family could not regain things because they were declared “illegally received goods “.

For two decades, during which Marcos ruled the Philippines, approximately 10 billion USD disappeared from the treasury.

Last month, 6,000 Filipinos who were recognized as victims in crimes against human rights committed during the Marcos regime received compensation in the amount of 1,500 USD. This money was taken from 20 million dollars of illegally obtained assets of a dictator arrested in the United States.

The Marcos family was allowed to return to the Philippines two years after Ferdinand’s death. They immediately tried to return to the ranks of politicians. In 1992, his widow Imelda ran for president, taking fifth place. The dictator’s son Ferdinand Marcos Jr., known as Bonbong, gained a congressional seat from his native Ilokos North. In 1995, Imelda was elected congressman.

Her daughter Imi, an ally of Duterte, became a senator thanks to the elections held last month.

Source: South China Morning Post
Translation: Anna Boyko