The observation platform in Hanoi entered the top ten in the world


The observation deck in Hanoi at the top of the Lotte-center hit the top ten in the world according to the newspaper The Guardian

A visit to the site will cost 10 USD. And the road to the elevator to the 65th floor takes 50 seconds. Two floors above (get to them on a separate elevator) is a lounge area under the open sky.

The highlight of the tower is two cabins with a glass floor. On their ceiling are cameras that shoot visitors, looking at their feet in horror. Then you can buy these photos. Rooms open until midnight.

Lotte-center is the third tallest building in Vietnam. It reaches a height of 272 meters. Located in the Hanoi district of Badin. In addition to the observation deck there are a hotel and a shopping center.

Source: VnExpress
Translation: Nikita Grebennikov

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