The Terracotta Army will be shown in Bangkok


Famous Chinese terracotta warriors will amaze Bangkok at the exhibition at the National Museum of the city, which will be held from Sunday to December 15

2,700-year-old works of art are on display in the Sivamokhafiman Hall at the exhibition entitled “Qin Shi Huang: China’s first emperor and terracotta warriors”.

The exhibition includes more than 100 artifacts, including archers and housekeepers from the Han dynasty. The exhibition is divided into four zones, which give an idea of the history and culture of China.

Visitors will be able to learn about the development of Chinese craftsmanship, which led to advanced metalworking technologies, as well as the reforms created by the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang. He is credited with creating a monetary system and a written Chinese language.

The room of the Qin Mausoleum of the First Emperor contains a rare collection of imitations of generals and chariots with terracotta horses, as well as figures of other warriors dating from 337-322 BC.

The exhibition also tells the story of the famous trade route known as the Silk Road. In fact, it was a network of routes connecting East and West. They were necessary to create economic, political and cultural ties.

The exhibition will be open from Sunday until December 15, and additional information can be obtained by calling 02-224-1402.

Source: The Thaiger. Translation: Anna Boyko.