The U.S. ambassador visited the Vietnamese military cemetery for the first time in history


Daniel Kritenbrink was the first U.S. ambassador to visit the Truong Son Cemetery for soldiers killed in the Vietnam War

This was part of Kritenbrinka’s official visit to Quangxi Province. Together with the Vice Chairman of the local people’s council, Hoang Nam, they performed traditional rituals by lighting incense and hitting the bell. The American ambassador also visited the Hien Luong Bridge, which once divided the country into two parts.

According to Kritenbrink, he came here with a message from Vietnam and the United States to heal the wounds of the war and continue to work to overcome its consequences.

Chuongshawn Cemetery is located in Quangxi province. There are more than 10,000 Vietnamese soldiers who died in the war. The province itself was part of the demilitarized zone that divided the country into North and South Vietnam. Some of the most fierce battles took place here during the famous Tetan offensive of 1968.

Daniel Kritenbrink became U.S. ambassador to Vietnam on July 27, 2017. Prior to that, he worked as a senior advisor on DPRK policy at the State Department.

Recently, the U.S. authorities promised to allocate $50 million to support the Vietnamese victims of “Agent Orange”.

Source: VnExpress.

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