There was a fire at Chatuchak market in Bangkok


Yesterday morning, the Bangkok governor, together with medical and forensic experts, visited the world-famous market Chatuchak. Their task is to assess the damage caused by the fire that occurred the night before and completely destroyed 120 stores and damaged many others.

Witnesses report that an explosion in an electrical transformer could be the cause of the fire. The Moscow police department number 2 reports that witnesses saw a spark in the transformer shortly before the fire engulfed this part of the market.

The fire broke out around 9:15 pm after the market had already closed. It is reported that the source of ignition was in Zone 25.

Witnesses say they saw the flames and heard the explosions. At the scene worked 20 fire engines, it took them about an hour and a half to take control of the flame.

An initial assessment of the site showed that a total of 200 stores were damaged in an area of ​​about 1000 square meters, some completely destroyed.