There was a population census in Nha Trang


In Nha Trang, preliminary results of the population census held in April this year were summed up

As of 1 April 2019, there were 111,898 households and 422,601 residents in the city.

Of these, 285,788 (67.62 per cent) live in urban areas and 136,813 (32.38 per cent) in rural areas.

The sex ratio is 9,675 men per 10,000 women. This is 5 more men than in 2009.

The average area of housing per capita is 24 square meters. Of these, 1,807 households have only 6 squares.

0.7 per cent of urban dwellers over the age of 15 have never attended school. 98.7% of the population under 15 can write and read.

The City People’s Commissar’s Commissar has asked the state and municipal agencies to keep these data in mind when solving social and economic problems.

Source: Nha Trang Rich. Translation: Nikita Grebennikov.

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