Vietnam will lead ASEAN

Thailand to hand over ASEAN Chairmanship to Viet Nam on 4 November The 35th ASEAN Summit will be held in Bangkok from 2 to 4 November and will be attended by more than 20 countries. It will be the occasion for a solemn handover ceremony. Officially, Viet Nam will lead the organization on 1 January […]


Baguio made the longest chain of sausages in the Philippines

About 1,350 culinary students formed a 7.8-kilometer chain of pork sausages with garlic “longganisa” on Sunday as part of the annual weekend celebration in hotel and restaurant tourism Encouraged by residents and visitors, students started unleashing small sausages produced by the Alabanza family at 9am on Session Road. Eight workers spent 10 weeks producing sausages, […]


The Chiang Mai hotels are idle

The end of the year will be relatively calm not only for Chiang Mai hotels, but also for other popular tourist destinations. The outflow of tourists has been affected by a strong bat, oversupply and the growing popularity of cohabitation, such as Airbnb Hoteliers in the northern city also suffer from the effects of the […]


The beaches of Pattaya are planned to be equipped with underground public toilets

Pattaya officials are planning to build new underground bathrooms on the beaches of Pattaya and Jomtien as part of a larger project to modernize urban infrastructure. This information was made public by representatives of the Pattaya City Administration Deputy Mayor of Pattana Bunsawad stated that the initial plans include the construction of 4 underground toilets […]