Tourists can be forced to pay for leaving Vietnam


National Assembly Deputy Nguyen Quoc Hung proposed to introduce a exit tax in Vietnam

The exit tax in Vietnam will be 3-5 USD per person. Hung proposes to spend this money to finance airports and customs checkpoints. They will also receive diplomatic missions engaged in the protection of Vietnamese abroad.

Exit tax will be 3-5 USD per person

In his statement, the deputy referred to the experience of Japan. From January this year, those leaving the Land of the Rising Sun must pay a tax of 1,000 yen (slightly more than 9 USD). Japan is expected to receive 50 billion yen in this way. They will finance the customs department and the tourism industry.

The same fees already exist in China, Turkey, Sweden and Mexico.

But this is only a proposal. But it is already known that from 2022 taxes will have to be paid to foreigners working in Vietnam.

Source: Saigoneer
Translation: Nikita Grebennikov