Tropical storm moon heading north for Vietnam


The storm, which broke out during a tropical depression on Tuesday evening, moves to northern Vietnam with a wind speed of 75 km / h

According to the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, the Moon storm will hit the Gulf of Tonkin, including the tourist islands of Bach Long Vi, Co To and Cat Hai, from Wednesday afternoon.

The northern and north-central areas of Vietnam, including Hanoi, will cover heavy rains and thunderstorms until Friday.

According to forecasts, floods may occur in the northern and central regions. Sudden landslides should also be expected.

On Monday afternoon, the storm moon had already done a lot of damage. Sea waves with a height of over two meters hit a ship carrying 50,000 liters of diesel from Binh Thuan province on the south central coast. Local officials are in a hurry to remove the oil from the ship and are preparing to eliminate the possible consequences of the accident.

Source: VN Express.

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