В Чиангмае появился первый электрический тук-тук


Grab, a rival to the old network of taxis and red buses in Chiang Mai, has signed an agreement with partners to create the Smart Mobility Alliance network Chiang Mai

This is the first such partnership in Southeast Asia. Among the interested investors are representatives of the government and the private sector.

The goal is to reduce public transport in Chiang Mai by 35% over the next five years. It is planned to replace 450 old tuk-tuks, which run on liquefied gas, with electric versions later this year.

Grab launched the first service in the region, with which local residents and tourists can easily book electric vehicles.

The new service will create better revenue opportunities when using electric vehicles, since they can save up to 80% of fuel costs. For example, the bill for standard tuk-tuk fuel per month is about 6,000 baht. Charging Grab Electric TukTuk will cost 1,400 baht.

Grab also says drivers will benefit from more demand thanks to the Grab App, which makes booking easier and faster.

Many Grab companies are already operating in Chiang Mai, including Just Grab, Grab RodDaeng and GrabFood.

Grab views Chiang Mai as a starting project. Further they intend to offer the Thai government to implement such a project in all regions of the country.

The new Grab Electric Tuk Tuk has already been praised by the Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Virun Pantivi.

“Chiang Mai has initiated several projects under the Smart City program. Over the past year, we have improved the infrastructure in the Nimmanhemin area as part of the Smart Nimman project. The development of transport was our first priority. We want to improve the efficiency of public transport, reduce air pollution, improve the quality of life for people, and move towards smart mobility. ”

Meanwhile, the head of the country, Grab Thailand, Tarin Tanyavarn, says that the launch of electric here-tours in Chiang Mai is the first project in Southeast Asia.

“We are committed to investing in the future of reasonable mobility in Thailand. We offer cleaner, safer and more efficient mobile solutions for Thais. In partnership with the government and industry partners of Chiang Mai, we want to actively contribute to achieving the goal of the Smart Mobility Chiang Mai alliance network to create a less polluted and less congested city.

Source: The Thaiger
Translation: Anna Boyko

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