Vietnamese cleaner returned to the Ukrainian tourist lost 7,400 USD


A Vietnamese cleaner returned to his Ukrainian tourist 7,400 USD after cleaning the vacated room

Cleaner name is Nguyen Ngoc Hien. He lives with his mother in a similar house in the same district of Ho Chi Minh and is engaged in cleaning the apartments.

According to him, he had never seen so much money before. And then decided that the owner is likely to be very upset after learning about their loss.

Hien turned to the building’s management for help in finding the rightful owner. It turned out to be a 26-year-old Ukrainian citizen named Artem. He rented an apartment in this building.

At the end of March, a security guard at Cam Ranh Airport returned 100 million VND from India to a tourist from India.

Source: VnExpress
Translation: Nikita Grebennikov

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