Why you should visit Vinpearl land


What is the island of Vinpearl

Vinpearl is a large island with entertainment and hotels, located three kilometers from the popular tourist city of Nha Trang and is its most famous landmark.
Although “sight” – this is probably too modest. Vinpearl is a resort with five-star hotels, chic beaches, a water park, a dolphinarium, an oceanarium, an amusement park, shops and restaurants.
Not every city can offer the tourist everything that is on this island alone!


A trip to the island of Vinpearl is worth at least for the sake of it. The cable car connecting the mainland with the island stretches for more than three kilometers – this is the second longest surface funicular in the world (the first, by the way, also in Vietnam).
North in a spacious cabin, a tourist in 20 minutes gets to the island, sailing at a height of 50 m above the barges and fishing ships in the bay of Nyachang.

With the sunset, the neons turn the towers holding the ropes into seven copies of the Eiffel Tower, which in the dark of night look simply fascinating.
But there is a small but. Of course, the ride on the cable car is cool, but by the end of the day is going to a huge queue of tourists who go back to the city. You can stand in this queue for more than 2 hours. According to this, there are 2 marinas on the island, with high-speed “swallows”, which are free for a couple of minutes, and without a turn will take you to the city.

Why out of turn? Because most of the tourists don’t know about it, the boats are mainly used by the staff.

Amusement rides

The island is best known for its “Vinpearl Land” – a huge amusement park.
What is there just not: a pirate ship, which seems to be rocking on huge waves; Evolution carousel, in which you not only rotate 360 ​​degrees, but also swing from side to side; two whole roller coaster; complex with children’s carousels. We should also mention the largest Ferris wheel in the country – as much as 120 meters in height.

Electric sleeves are very popular, where tourists can climb to the huge inscription “Vinpearl”, visible even from Nha Trang beach, and go back down to a comfortable speed for themselves. People’s love for this attraction is so great that people are ready for it to stand in the watch lines, which are almost always there. After all, park workers are trying to maintain a certain distance between the electric networks so that they do not collide along the way.


A little distance away is the sector for lovers of water entertainment. Here, dozens of different slides are waiting for the tourist – straight, swirling, for descending into the company, and even those that seem like you are falling down a sheer cliff. For lovers of a relaxing holiday there is a lazy river envelope sector, and for large friendly families there is a children’s pool with small slides and elephant fountains.

It is worth noting that all slides have breaks for inspection. This rarely happens on several attractions at once, so when closing one, you will definitely find an alternative.


Literally three kilometers from the city embankment, whose yellow sides tirelessly lash the waves, you can find a place with gentle white sand and calm sea. The sand on the island of Vinpearl is being taken by barges from Zoclet, one of the best beaches in Vietnam. Like the beach here, which is located next to the water park.


The park regularly hosts shows with dolphins and seals. There is a dolphinarium to the left of the entrance to the water park.
Performances, during which the animals will dance and perform various tricks, will not leave indifferent either adults or children. They pass daily at 11:30am and at 3:30pm. Except Monday. On this day, the performance is only one – at 11:30am.


Vinpearl Island boasts an oceanarium that is in no way inferior to the Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok aquariums.
More than 300 species of rare and exotic animals from all oceans live here: sharks, sea turtles, rays, moray eels and many others. The largest animals swim right above the heads of tourists who enter the tunnel aquarium. At certain hours, guests of the park will be offered exponential feeding of fish (at 10am and 5pm) and a mermaid show (at 11am and at 3pm).

Game Zone

Located in the “children’s sector” of the park. But you need to be careful and be an adult – there is a risk to be wasted here all day. Dance machines, sports, racing – the choice is huge! There is also a children’s room with animators, where parents can leave their child for a while. Or put to bed – there are even cots.

Not far from this place is a 4-D cinema. The children’s cartoon that is shown in it is entirely in English. But its plot is clear on an intuitive level. And he is not important here, but special effects – charming main characters as if float out of the screen into the hall. It is worth seeing, even if you have not been in the Mermaid fans for twenty years.


The water park and attractions are connected by a small shopping street, where you can buy local and international brands and souvenirs dedicated to Vietnam in general and the park in particular. Prices here are either the same as in the city, or slightly higher. Therefore, to go to the island of Vinpearl for shopping, perhaps, is not worth it.

Cafes and restaurants

Where there are tourists, there is food. There is it in “Vinpearl Land”. Cafes and restaurants are scattered throughout the park, and there is even a “Food Village” not far from the water park. Prices are the same as in Nha Trang. But, basically, this is fast food or Vietnamese street food. If you want to eat something more familiar, you have to search!

Fountain show

Another comrade from the list “if you do not like attractions, take a trip at least for his sake.” Many do so, going to the “Vinpearl” after 4pm, when part of the rides are already closed. Getting off the funicular, these tourists head to a specially equipped show amphitheater for 5 000 seats. Here they will see how the columns of water will jump up under the “Katyusha” or “Wild Dances” and catch the rays of light, creating an indescribable show in its beauty.

But it is worth remembering that with its end, the whole park is preparing for closure. Therefore, it is worthwhile to work out the “ways of retreat” in advance if you do not want to make your way to the cable car through the crowd of other tourists. But you can not think about it if you stay overnight in the hotel.

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